Dietary Needs

Coeliac/ Gluten Free

“Gluten free” options are available in both the takeaway and restaurant.

We support Coeliac Awareness Week every May by holding a Gluten Free Battered Fish Day in our restaurant. At all other times of the year we provide a variety of dishes which do not contain gluten. We no longer serve “Gluten Free Battered Fish” daily.

Our chips are always “gluten free”.

Because of the nature of our kitchen and the other products prepared and cooked there, we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten free atmosphere for extreme allergy sufferers.


For Vegetarians, we offer a variety of dishes and can also cater for Vegan diets. These options are limited on our full menu however as a fish & chip shop, the bulk of the dining options reflect that.

We use a separate small fryer containing rapeseed oil to cook some Vegetarian dishes.

Our chips are not vegetarian as the are cooked in beef dripping.

Dairy Free

Our homemade batter is made without dairy products and so is suitable for a dairy free diet.


We ask for your dietary requirements at time of booking a table and will always endeavor to accommodate your dietary needs, given the opportunity.




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